If you’ve ever wondered what the world looks like through the eyes of an artist, Sari’s photography offers a window into the world that you could sail a ship through. She doesn’t just take photographs, she crafts a story. She isn’t just using light as a medium, she is defining the way we look at life.
— R. Smith

About Me

I tell stories & I capture moments.

I'm a photographer, a writer, and a dreamer. I'm a believer in connections, gut feelings, and the good in people. I practice flow arts, yoga, and kindness. I enjoy inspiring conversations and weird situations. I'm a lover of food, books, coffee shops, and getting lost. I'm a bit of a clown and I love telling bad jokes. I travel, explore, and move. I live for the moment. 

I witness and document life and its moments through my camera. 

I'm here to show people their world, through my eyes. I'm here to remind you of the good moments, the beauty you possess, and the value of your authentic self. 

I'm a photographer that brings your world to you.