Wasteland Weekend / by Sari Blum

WASTELAND WEEKND: A Post apocalyptic 'Mad Max'- esque festival that takes place in the Mojave desert in southern California. I was invited down by some fiery friends to photograph their performances for this epic festival. Now I have quite a few festivals under my belt these days but this one was a whole other ball game. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was dressed up and themed out. Entire camps were built to look like they had survived the fall out. They continued to survive on their dirty, damaged clothing, empty cans for cups and bottle caps for currency. Word never seem to do enough justice so I will let the photo's speak for themselves. 


Here is one last parting thought - baby doll body parts really seemed to be a theme, as was mad max war boys, Furiosa, and the incredible cars that people trick out in all sort of creative dark ways.