A Wedding So Sweet / by Sari Blum

If you’re just tuning in one of my oldest friends from high school got married this fall. This was the main reason for my road trip out west, and I couldn’t wait to join in the celebrations and be among the original best friend crew. The GC if you will… The Friday of the wedding weekend my man and I had left Zion National Park after waking up for sunrise to do the Angels Landing hike. It took us about 10 hours to reach Breckinridge after leaving the park around noon, once we got there it was 0 – 90 for wedding celebrations.

The wedding we were attending was one of my oldest friends from high school. We knew each other when Incubus was our favorite band, we didn’t necessarily know how to tame our hair into something manageable and we might have fought over who could have incubus ring tones on our bigger than your pocket cell phones. We never felt like cool kids, but we had our group and that was all we needed. Now fourteen years later we still maintain this amazing friendship no matter how far we have moved away from each other or the fact that we maybe talk a couple times a year doesn’t change the fact that we shared the most formative years of our life and to us that means the world. There is something so special about a lasting friendship like this. To have known my dear friend, all the trials and tribulations she has gone through, the life she has chosen to lead, to culminate in the sweetest celebration of love. She has indeed found her match – and it shows. In her lifestyle, her confidence, her stride, her eyes. It’s so amazing to see.

Their wedding was on the side of a mountain at an old mining compound. A small, rustic Colorado wedding with family and old friends gathered, the rain clouds staying just on the other side of the valley. My friend has always been a bit non traditional – dances to the beat of her own drum, ect, and her wedding was no different. Her and her husband created their own ceremony filled with friends and family giving teary eyed, moving speeches about their journey, their shared love for star wars, metal music and their love for each other.   The kiss moved the ceremony on into dinner. The rains came but we were all safely under the tent listening to perfect speeches from the best man and maid of honor, both hilarious and heartfelt. The rain stopped and the sun graced us with a glorious sunset. We drank mead and tequila and danced all night long. We were the last ones to leave. What a glorious wedding.

I know it’s cliche, perhaps even downright silly to reference, but Wedding Crashers had it right. When we go to a wedding we want to believe that we are in the presence of true love. This wedding was it, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, anyone could see, even the birds in the trees that these two are meant for each other and that their journey together will be one beautiful ride. So my dear friend, your husband, this post is for you. For the life ahead of you… I’m so thankful to be apart of it.